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Trade Events:

We’ll see you at the show dates and locations below:

SHOW: 16th DMP - China Dongguan International Mould and Metalworking Exhibition
VENUE: GD Modern International Exhibition Center
DATE: 19-22 November 2014
TIME: 9.30 am to 5.00 pm

SHOW: Manufacturing Indonesia 2013 Series
VENUE: Jakarta Internatonal, Expo Kemayoran
DATE: 04-07 Dec 2013
TIME: 10.00 am to 6.00 pm

Technical Workshop:

  • WORKSHOP: On Factors Affecting Machining Cost And Ways To Reduce It
    • VENUE: Hotel Citi Bayview, Penang, Malaysia
    • DATE: 10 Jan 2014
    • TIME: Half day

  • WORKSHOP: Machining Strategies & Tools Selection for Mold & Die Industry
    • VENUE: Precisetech Training Room, Penang, Malaysia
    • DATE: 7 April 2014
    • TIME: Half day

Upcoming Workshop....

  • WORKSHOP: Common Machining Problems & How To Overcome It
    • VENUE: To be advised
    • DATE: 8 Sept 2014
    • TIME: To be advised

New Products :

    New products will be launched in September 2016

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